Sin In Space Original Cassette Demo 1999

Re-Release of Sin In Space’s First Ever Demo Recording. This is the original ‘Sin In Space’ Cassette Demo.

Recorded during 1999 at Trogolodyte Studios in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California by then drummer Kai Prenter this was the first Demo recorded by the band.

Re-Release Date: October 26th 2011

Click HERE to download the Sin In Space Cassette Demo in 320 Kbps Mp3 Format.

*All songs written by Cassidy Meijer

We still have a very limited number of the original demo in its original cassette release format in our store. Once these last few are gone, they are gone!
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Cassidy Meijer on Vocals and Guitar
Teague Moriartie and Drew Adams on Bass
Kirsten Rigg on Lead Guitar and backup vocals
Sara Sha on Saxophone
Kai Prenter on Drums

This is the original inside cover art.