Missing In Action

Released On September 30th 2012,

‘Missing In Action’ is a selection of recent tracks from the Midtown Seven aka MT7 crew…..

Click HERE to download the complete pack in 320 Kbps Mp3 Format.

As of 2012 MT7 has put out a new E.P., which features production and vocals from Bottom Feeder and Spurminator J on ‘Late Fees’, as well as guest vocal spots from MP & Dru1000AD on the opening track ‘Bustanut’, the rest of this E.P. is was produced by Trog. Hopefully the next MT7 release will feature more cross collaboration from members.

‘Bustanut’ is the opening track for the E.P.

‘Kron Kron’ follows which is self explanatory and which Bottom Feeder contributed to production for inadvertently.

‘Don’t Fly (The Pocketmans Extended Mix)’ gives the uneducated individual some tips for international travel.

‘Late Fees’ Was originally produced by Spurminator J and Bottom Feeder and is a version which Trog put some vocals on.

‘Hashtag Fuck You’ delves into international currency, crowd funding and slave labour.

‘Stinky World’ is the penultimate track and is definitely the “single” of this E.P. If you can’t handle the rest of the tracks, then skip through to this one!

This is the original Artwork for ‘Kron Kron’