Cassidy Meijer – Live On KUSP – 1998

Back in 1998 before Cassidy Meijer had acquired a full backing band in the form of first ‘Swarm’ and then ‘Sin In Space’, he was a singer songwriter with an acoustic guitar.

Back in November of 1998 he was invited to perform his songs on Paul Couture’s show on KUSP Radio Santa Cruz on 7th Avenue in Santa Cruz, California.

Paul Couture had this to say about his experience working with Cassidy,

“I met Cassidy at ‘What Is Art?’ in 1998. He already had an impressive collection of songs, and he was a terrific performer. In November we recorded this acoustic set on my late night radio show. It was a lot of fun. Cassidy seemed hopeful and happy, a modest guy with real talent. I thought he was a folk artist, so I was surprised when he started a band. I shouldn’t have been surprised. He was hearing full-band arrangements – check out the whistling on “Laced”. I’m glad I got the opportunity to document his solo period.”

Cassidy Meijer: Guitars/Vocals

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