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Euromotion – New Single of Unreleased Material – OUT NOW!

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Today we have some special gems for you!
Not one, but two unreleased, never before heard Studio tracks from Euromotion!
We have bundled them up in to a two song release for you to listen to and/or download!
These tracks were recorded in 2004 and 2005, but for one reason or another, never made it out to you fans! They are now finally available!

Click the image to go straight to the release page!

New Store Items Just Listed…..

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We have just put up some new stuff in the store.
You can now buy physical CD copies of ‘Asteroid Band’, as well as the ‘Original Cassette Demo’ by ‘Sin In Space’

We also have some physical CD copies of ‘Ragesties – Music From the Original Theatrical Production’ by Trog

We have very small amounts of all of these, so get them while you can………

Fumes – A Banksy Film from Trog

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(Click Image to Watch)

This is the first of the Banksy film set.

Banksy Bristol 2011
(Click Image to Watch)

And This is the Second, which is a more “Instrumental” version.

These two short films were produced with the aim of giving the viewer a glimpse into the work of Banksy within Bristol as of 2011, including some of the more hidden pieces of his work within the city.

NOTE: July 16th 2011 – The Pink Gorilla piece which is located in Easton has been painted over by the owner of the building within the last week.

2 Bros and a Ghost II – New Short Film featuring Trog’s remix of Steely Dan’s “Do It Again”

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2 Bros and a Ghost II
(Click Image to Watch)

Sometime back in February of this year, Trog was approached by some crazy independent film producers from San Francisco. They wanted a remix of Steely Dan’s ‘Do It Again’ for the intro scene, as the film is actually a sequel.
So Trog did the remix and about 4 months later the film is finally ready.

This film is awesome!

Trog Albums

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For all you hardcore fans out there, the two main Trog albums ‘Super Barmy Tech’ and ‘Cardboard Carpets’ are available to listen to through the site, or if you want you can even download them so you don’t have to be in front of the computer!