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Crack Kills Tenner Bag Pack Out Now!

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As of Midnite September 26th 2012 I have Just Dropped the Crack Kills Tenner Bag Pack,

Which includes the original DTX Mix and an Instrumental Version.

This is release TR023 for us, but is the first time Trog has put anything new out for a while, and we are glad to be giving the kids a positive message!

There will be loads more in the near future!

It’s been a while……..

Posted 7 years ago

It’s been a while since we have put anything out, production delays (TIME), etc.

There are some upcoming releases in the “near” future, and I’ll work on getting some out in stages ASAP.

Also, the shop is down at the minute, so if there is anything you want, send a message through the contact form and I’ll let you know the status of stock!


New News………

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Well this week we have finally gotten around to releasing a live recording of ‘Sin In Space’ from 2002.
Recorded at the Plymouth Street house in Santa Cruz in 2002.

As always, you can listen to it from the site, or download it for future listening.

A very sincere apology to IPhone users who want to stream our music while you are out and about.
We haven’t gotten around to implementing the technology. You can just download the stuff at home and throw it on your IPhone/Pod to listen to later right? If there are any of you out there who are really wanting to do this, drop us a message and we might do it if we get more than 2 messages!

Earlier this week we got a message letting us know that Trog’s video/music pieces based around some of Banksy’s work were featured on a video blogging website from Sweden called Stocktown. Thanks for the page space Stocktown!

Upcoming Releases:
We have heard a rumour that ‘Trog’ is in the final mixing phases of his new album.
Hopefully we will be seeing this in the near future, along with a couple other top secret projects.

Dark and Moving Solo Acoustic Song from Cassidy

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This song has been generously sent to us, it is from a solo acoustic performance Cassidy did at the Cayuga Vault in Santa Cruz, California on the 24th of August, 2002. This is a dark and moving song, which shows us more of Cassidy’s depth as a song writer
The recording was done by Josh Nelson Lucan.
Broken Wings
Right Click Above to Download

Broken Wings
We hope to releasing the full performance as a “proper” release in the coming future…………….

Here is the link to the song on Soundcloud.

Sin In Space Lead Singer Cassidy Meijer has left planet earth……….

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Unfortunately we have undergone a very sad loss this past week.
Cassidy Meijer,
Santa Cruz legend and founder and lead singer of Sin In Space,
has passed away.
Cassidy was not only an amazing musician and songwriter,
but also an extremely kind and caring person.
We are very saddened by this loss.
He will be sadly missed, but will live on through his music and our memories!

We will be “releasing” all of the old unreleased material that we have in our archives over the coming weeks.
As with all of the other Sin In Space releases on the site, they will be available to listen and download from the site.
If anyone has any live recordings, video recording or any other stuff they would like to donate to the site, please get in touch.

Rest In Peace Cassidy,
You will not be forgotten!