Trog has had his track ‘The Shiznit’ included on the DEA Pictures 2013 Film release The Cedars , which was an official selection of both the 2014 Manhattan Film Festival and the Santa Cruz Film Festival.

2012 saw the release of the full length instrumental album entitled ‘Jams’, as well as a remastered cassette recording of a DJ set from Burning Man 2001.

We might get around to releasing some of the white labels from the bottom of this page if we ever find them…..

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Below are a couple videos that Trog produced with some assistance from an un-named ladyfriend in early 2011.

The project was done with an aim of experimenting with camera equipment and we had a good time making it.

This set of films was produced with the aim of giving the viewer a glimpse into the work of Banksy within Bristol as of 2011, including some of the more hidden pieces of his work within the city that aren’t featured in books and news features as much as the more famous pieces. One of the pieces has since been covered by an unknowing owner, so we were glad we did it. The tracks are exclusive, but may be released as single/s at a later date.

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This is the first of the Banksy film set.

Banksy Bristol 2011
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And This is the Second, which is a more “Instrumental” version.

2Bros Video

This was an underground film that Trog produced a remix for the intro/preview/trailer.