No Dice

Buck Noe: Vocals
Toby Brown: Bass
Nate Brown: Drums
Alan Trybom: Guitar


A music video was made for the song “No Dice Anthem” by friend of band Robin Moore. The band recruited a few friends (notably Kita for the lead role), and the video was a hit !

This video was played repeatedley in the local club/bar/restauraunt “The Catalyst” for a few months.

HERE for You Tube Link,HERE for small MP4 or HERE for the original full size film……if your gear can handle it?

No Dice


No Dice’s future manager Jesse Hauts, got a lead on a potential opening slot for Nebula at Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz, CA.
No Dice was not an official band at this time, but could have the slot if they had a band by the time of the Nebula show on February 5th 2002. At that point they had two weeks to prepare for the show!
Nebula was, and may still be, one of bass player Toby Brown’s favorite bands, so they jumped on board and practiced everyday until the show.
That opening slot for Nebula was one of the sickest shows the band ever played!

Asides from that, the band played some local Santa Cruz shows and a two day tour which consisted of the band’s friend Dave Alami driving the band down to Santa Barbara to play a house party then back up to Santa Cruz to play the Jury Room.

The bands greatest show happened a year after they first broke up. For a couple days, Toby returned from wherever he was living at the time. He thought that the band should play a reunion show while he was back in Santa Cruz.

They got booked at The “New” Jury Room and absolutely killed it. The place was packed to the rafters and completeley went off.
No Dice’s hit song, the “No Dice Anthem” elicited chanting from the audience during the choruses as all the fans knew the lyrics by that point.

Eventually the band broke up (unfortunately)!

Drummer Nate Brown describes the break-up of the band;
“I’m not really sure how the band ended. There was some arguing and in-fighting amongst members.
I’m not super clear on the issues because I was quiet and shy and didn’t participate.
From my view it just sort of fizzled and we all went on with our respective lives. ”

Buck kept practicing his singing, working on a progressively stronger and more perfected tone and sound.
He shapes surfboards and runs internationally renowned custom surfboard company Noe International .

Alan Trybom started playing with The Huxtables and still is to this day. As of spring 2011 the band has finally released their debut album, even though the band has been around since the 90’s.

Toby Brown now lives in Kauai and plays in a rockin band called              “Battery Alley”

Nate Brown continues to play drums with his buddies in                    ‘Windham Flat’

They broke up in 2007, but Four years later, “Windham Flat” is back together in San Francisco, California and played their first “Reunion” show at ‘The Secret Alley’ in San Francisco on March 19th, 2011.

No Dice recorded a second album, which is in the process of being mixed and mastered as we speak.

We have re-released their debut album for you, and will be bringing you their Post-Humous second album sometime during the summer of 2011…..wait it’s 2012 now going into 2013. Maybe we will be able to put it out sometime…….