Midtown Seven

Midtown Seven

Hailing from the Midtown of Santa Cruz, California, the Midtown Seven are one of the seminal rap groups of their time.
The group has been together since 1998, but only did their first recording in 2001.

The 2001 hit “Humdinger” featuring Spurminator J and Trog with Special Guest Papa Firth was the first official MT7 track, the MT7 had rolled this one out on 2″ analog tape, giving it a very warm bass sound.

Later in 2001 Trog started experimenting with rap over some more experimental sounds. Recorded in San Francisco in late 2001, the three tracks “Shoutouts”, “Expression of Beatboxing” and “Like A Pill” are dark, edgy and an extreme contrast to “Humdinger”

In 2002 the extended MT7 crew (Spurminator J, MP, White Chocolate, Biesta and Meg) recorded the 2nd official MT7 track while they were in Portland, Oregon.
‘Midtown Dreamz’ is a blatant explanation of what life is like in ‘The Mid’

2003 Saw the next single from the MT7 crew. Bottom Feeder and Spurminator J had been working on a track together, but saved a verse spot for Trog.

“Wreck Your Ass” will do just that. Play this track on a loud system.

After “Wreck Your Ass” was recorded, Spurminator J and Trog wanted to do some more. During the autumn of 2003 Trog recorded “Homeless MC”, “Just Remember”, “Fraternity Bitch” and “Back to the Studio”
Spurminator J’s energies being devoted to another project at the time, but he still helped out with recording and engineering of these tracks.

“Homeless MC” is a track which explains what it was like for Trog to be a world class MC, but still be couch surfing. Trog asks Dr. Dre for a handout in this track, which still hasn’t been answered.

“Fraternity Bitch” is a retaliation to a MTV show which was shot in Santa Cruz during 2002. The show focused on a fraternity at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The fraternity was moronic, stupid and disrespectful to local customs and traditions and was very unwelcome in Santa Cruz.

This track features a guest spot from White Chocolate towards the end of the track, as well as help on the chorus from Spurminator J, Hobes and White Chocolate.

“Back to the Studio” was the first track Trog recorded in this series of tracks. It has a slow hypnotic beat and bassline with some contemplative lyrics. This track is largely understated.

“Just Remember” was a vague attempt by Trog to do a Dancehall track. It explains club life in all it’s glory, as well as some insights into how Trog was operating when he would hit the clubs during this period.

Bottom Feeder threw down two solo tracks of his own in 2003 for this album.

“Got Me Hooked” is a classic lighthearted party jam about a beautiful girl that mesmerized Bottom Feeder.

“Look At Me Nasty” is an explanation of what would happen to someone if they looked at Bottom Feeder the wrong way.

Bottom Feeder is still kicking the jams in SC county, DJ’ing under the name of “Bottom Feeder” and sometimes under his alter ego…….”Lenny Powers”.