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Live On KUSP 1999

This release is a cassette recording of Sin In Space’s first radio appearance. The band played live in the KUSP studio off of 7th Avenue in Santa Cruz, California on Paul Couture’s show.

This is not a “board” tape, but was from a cassette which recorded the radio show as it was being broadcast. It is still however, a very entertaining listen, and is one of the only recordings of a live performance from the first Swarm/Sin In Space Lineup.

It also includes the song ‘Sippin’ Sippin’ Sangria’, which does not exist on any other recording. This being the final song of this performance.

Cassidy Meijer: Guitars/Vocals
Kirsten Rigg: Lead Guitar/Vocals
Teague Moriarty: Bass
Sara Sha: Saxophone
Kai Prenter: Drums

Click HERE to download ‘Sin In Space – Live On KUSP’ in 320 Kbps Mp3 Format in it’s entirety.

Live On KUSP 1999

1 – Spider
2 – My Freaky She
3 – Space Heater
4 – Fortune Teller
5 – Break It
6 – Film Noir
7 – This Love Is Laced
8 – I Just Want To Know
9 – Highway
10 – Daydream
11 – Take Me Aboard
12 – Memory Street
13 – Sippin’ Sippin’ Sangria

Note:This recording has been released as one complete track containing the whole recording of the live radio show.

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Westside Steve’s

One of Sin In Space’s First recordings. Recorded in 2000, this was meant to be the follow up to the Cassette Demo.

It was recorded on the Westside of Santa Cruz at “Steve’s House”, hence the name.

For one reason or another it did not get released. Although this is one of the only recordings containing a lot of Cassidy Meijer’s best songs! We have left it in it’s original rough mix form, rather than trying to change it.

There is no Bass on any of these tracks due to problems with the band finding a Bass player at the time, but a selection of tracks from this release make up the ‘Black Cat E.P.’, albeit…….with Bass!

That will be following shortly, among other things!

Cassidy Meijer: Guitars/Vocals
Kirsten Rigg: Lead Guitar/Vocals
Kai Prenter: Drums

Click HERE to download ‘Westside Steve’s’ in 320 Kbps Mp3 Format in it’s entirety.

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Sin In Space Lead Singer Cassidy Meijer has left planet earth……….

Unfortunately we have undergone a very sad loss this past week.
Cassidy Meijer,
Santa Cruz legend and founder and lead singer of Sin In Space,
has passed away.
Cassidy was not only an amazing musician and songwriter,
but also an extremely kind and caring person.
We are very saddened by this loss.
He will be sadly missed, but will live on through his music and our memories!

We will be “releasing” all of the old unreleased material that we have in our archives over the coming weeks.
As with all of the other Sin In Space releases on the site, they will be available to listen and download from the site.
If anyone has any live recordings, video recording or any other stuff they would like to donate to the site, please get in touch.

Rest In Peace Cassidy,
You will not be forgotten!