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Live At Festival Of Emerging Santa Cruz Electronica 1999

Our 15th release is a recently recovered cassette recording of one of Trog’s live sets.

This was one of Trog’s first “Live” gigs, and was played solely on a Roland MC-303 Sequencer atop a trashcan.

In 1999 Rick Walker launched the ‘Festival of Emerging Santa Cruz Electronica’.

This was the first of many FESCE’s and eventually morphed into the International Live Looping Festival which Rick still curates to this day.

Click HERE to download the complete set in 320 Kbps Mp3 Format.

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Fuck Midi Quantize

Fuck Midi Quantize is a collection of unreleased tracks that Trog did around 2005.

This album consists of a variety of tracks ranging in style from techno to breakbeat and drum and bass.

Most of the tracks were recorded in the U.K., with some recorded on the West Coast.

Click HERE to download the complete Album in 320 Kbps Mp3 Format.

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