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2 Bros and a Ghost II – New Short Film featuring Trog’s remix of Steely Dan’s “Do It Again”

2 Bros and a Ghost II
(Click Image to Watch)

Sometime back in February of this year, Trog was approached by some crazy independent film producers from San Francisco. They wanted a remix of Steely Dan’s ‘Do It Again’ for the intro scene, as the film is actually a sequel.
So Trog did the remix and about 4 months later the film is finally ready.

This film is awesome!

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Asteroid Band

Sin In Space’s Debut Full-Length Album……..’Asteroid Band’
Originally Self-Released by the band in 2001 on CD.

Cassidy Meijer: Guitars/Vocals
Kirsten Rigg: Lead Guitar/Vocals
Becca Stewart: Bass/Vocals
Greg Braithwaite: Drums

We still have a few copies of ‘Asteroid Band’, which are available to purchase from our store.

Click HERE to go straight to the store to buy one.

Click HERE to download ‘Asteroid Band’ in 320 Kbps Mp3 Format.

Asteroid Band Lyrics 1Asteroid Band Lyrics 2Asteroid Band Inside Cover
Liner Notes

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Light Shields Forever (Self Titled)

This release is also available in the store on 7″ Vinyl.

Release: Light Shields Forever (Self Titled)
Date: 2007
Vocals/Guitar: Ben Pearce
Drums: Nate Brown
Bass: Toby Brown
Trumpet: Nelson Saarni
Hand Claps: Gabe Gartner

Recording Engineer: Michael Pemani
Cover Photo: Natalie Bispo

Recorded and released on seven inch vinyl in 2007, this is the debut for Santa Cruz pop trio Light Shields Forever.

Click HERE to download the Light Shields Forever E.P. in 160 Kbps Mp3 Format.

*All songs written by Ben Pearce

Music Video for Blast Eyes

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